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To British teens of the early 1960s, it was a vital aspect of a cultural and fashion trend.For people in developing countries, Vespas can be an important and affordable means of transportation. In this article, we’ll look at what Vespas are, how they are made, the history behind the scooter and the Vespa style that has made it so popular.For those living in rural areas, a scooter is a great way to make relatively short trips.

Re-Register Owners of Vespas that have UK registration numbers should check with DVLA whether the number is still available for retrieval.

Within a decade, the one millionth scooter had rolled off the production line at the Pontedera factory in Pisa.

In effect this means that the scooter should be complete and roadworthy as Inspection may be required by VOSA (now DVSA).

The shape of a Vespa evokes a fun retro feeling that many riders enjoy as they cruise around town.

Anyone who considers themselves a Mod (which we’ll explain later) simply can’t do without a Vespa.

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