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Milfie arguably goes through the biggest wardrobe change in the timeskip between trilogies as her new duty as the Gate Keeper has her wearing a flowing pink dress adorned with red ribbons and an enormous pink veil.

From her earliest memory, Milfie was blessed with an extraordinary amount of both good and bad luck.

The commander of the Angel Wing, Luft Weizen ordered for Milfie, Ranpha, and Forte to seek out and bring back his former students Tact Mayers and Lester Coolduras.

Among the team, Milfie was the least critical of Tact's leadership and trusted him from the onset of their meeting.

Milfie offered Tact the cake she made and became embarrassed when the rest of the team pointed out how friendly she was with him.

Milfie's bad luck comes into play when the sprinkler went off and prematurely ended their picnic.

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While her family seemed to be able to tolerate and maybe even benefit from this, the many bizarre situations it brought caused many to avoid her in fear of its effects.

Fate led her down the path in the Transbaal Military where she met and befriended Ranpha Franboise, who saw her as a rival during their training.

To make things worse, Milfie's underskirt caught on fire and she assumed Tact would be similar to others and avoid her.

Tact however said otherwise and said he didn't care about the dress or her luck and just wanted to have the last dance with her.

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