Art dating royal copenhagen

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Today the company has merged with a number of other companies producing handicraft, Royal Copenhagen, which again has merged with Scandinavian companies, for example several famous Swedish glassworks, under the name Royal Scandinavia.

The birthday present And what does that have to do with pipes?

Method of production The production of the pipes was quite complicated and the factory had to make many adjustments along the way.

The pipes had to be functional and smokeble if they were to be sold.

This trademark has for centuries been synonymous with porcelain objects of the highest quality by almost every adult Dane.

The purpose of this article is to describe a little piece of interesting resent Danish Pipe history which the Royal Porcelain Pipe is a part of.

The history of The Royal Porcelain Factory One of the oldest and most famous Danish trademarks is the three blue waves of The Royal Porcelain factory.The Chinese discovered kaolin clay and figured out how to shape and fire it into porcelain by the 8th century, but they guarded the secrets of making fine china from the West.As a result, Europeans fumbled around for centuries making soft-paste or “artificial” porcelain out of white clay, crystalline quartz, and sand.An exception from the classical shapes was the spectacular Golf Ball.The pipes soon got popular and widespread in Denmark.

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